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      fun88 ทางเข้า 2018

      Welcome To The WMRC Web Site

      Thanks for visiting our site! We’re sure you’ll find lots of useful information here. Visit our news section for our latest updates. See what we are up to by checking our events schedule. To chat with the racers or club executives visit our message forums.


      Picture by Allen Bargen

      Come Race With Us!

      We are the lower mainland’s premier motorcycle racing club with over 50 years of rich racing heritage. Come join us and enjoy some of the most fun you could ever possibly have on 2 wheels!

      Interested in getting started racing? Have a look at “How to get Started” and “Learn to Race” pages. Once finished with that section, continue to “Documents for Racers“.

      Check out some of the action by watching these videos!

      New Racer School

      Looking to get started racing? Take it to the track with your friends? Improve your riding skills? Check out our New Racer School!

      Track Days

      Have a fun day at the track hanging out with your friends and working on your skills in a safe environment. Check out our public track days!

      Semi-Private Training

      At one of our track days take your riding to the next level with coaching from one of our experts!

      Taste Of RacingP1010012-X2

      Not sure where to get started? Come out to one of our race days and get a chance to ride Mission Raceway yourself by experiencing the track for your first time with some WMRC racer led laps! FREE! A class 6 license required. Learn more.